• Welcome to

    Welcome to

    Jantz Cafe & Bakery

    The Central Valley Favorite

  • Tri-Tip


    Gourmet is Taste

    A Tri-Tip of this caliber is not easily achieved, but easily eaten.

  • Breakfast


    The Most Important Meal

    Is waiting for you

  • Pie is Art

    Pie is Art

    Jantz is Best Known

    for our delicious, home-made pies.

  • Mmmm


    Burgers as Intended

    Hamburg would be proud

  • "This place is AMAZballs!"

    - Joaquin R
  • "I LOVE Jantz!"

    - Sabrina L
  • "Awesome peach pie!!!"

    - Sonia K
  • "Love that everything is freshly made. Staff are always friendly and eager to help. Also prices are very reasonable."

    - Sharon L
  • "You have the best, most consistent customer service in town. You always exceed expectation."

    - Tonya K
  • "The staff is always friendly and the food is excellent."

    - Ana M
  • "We loved getting a free piece of pie on Wednesday!"

    - Kim C
  • "The environment is very uplifting."

    - Chiam S
  • "Truly enjoyed everything!"

    - Camille R
  • "Friendliest staff I've seen in a long time. Everyone seems genuinely happy to provide service. Thank you! :)"

    - Evelyn C
  • "Food is always good and the service is excellent. Jantz is my favorite place for breakfast and lunch. Who can resist the pies??"

    - Linda M
  • "Fantastic, great, WOW. I really enjoyed the breakfast."

    - Karen K


Fresh & Local

We do our best to always provide the highest quality ingredients from farmers and merchants in our area.

About Jantz Cafe

It started out as a dream... A small from “scratch” bakery and sandwich shop that would provide good homemade food in a clean, friendly environment. Our doors opened in May of 2001. Before long there was a loyal following. It began and remains a family run business.

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